In how much time will my request be delivered?
  • Orders have a delivery time of 7 to 9 business days. The product is made from scratch since it is personalized and we do not have it in inventory.
What if the route I want is not on the page?
  • Don't worry! We create the design and customize it for you! Be it an existing event or some personal route :)
  • Send us an email to turutamx.contacto@gmail.com with the name of the event or your personal route (Strava map, Garmin, Nike App, etc.).
Can I change the background and path colors of page layouts?
  • Yes! We can customize your design to your liking. Send us an email to turutamx.contacto@gmail.com with the route and the colors you want in your frame.
What happens if my frame arrives damaged?
  • The frames are wrapped with protection to prevent breakage. In case it arrives damaged, take a photo and send it to turutamx.contacto@gmail.com so we can send you the replacement.
Can I change the information (Name, time, date, event) of the route after placing the order?
  • No. Send us an email to turutamx.contacto@gmail.com to ask about the status of your route. If it has not yet been entered into production, we can make the changes. Otherwise we have to make a new route. We recommend that you double confirm information (whether yours or another athlete's) before placing your order.
Can I order my frame in another size? How do I contact Tu Ruta MX?